In earlier American rural life, communities raised barns because many hands were required. These events occured in a social framework with a good deal of interdependence. Members of rural communities often shared family bonds going back generations. They traded with each other, worshipped with each other and celebrated with each other. Barn raisings were an integral part of life and socializing.

In our modern American life, communities don't mean nearly as much as they did back then. It is our family's goal to bring a sense of community back to our lives and those lives that touch ours.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Marriage Bliss

    My Sister and her Mister came for a spontaneous visit this weekend. Although their stay was brief (less than twenty-four hours!) it was a trip that brightened our lives. They came to announce that they eloped this week! After being together for four years they decided it was time. In Colorado you can buy a marriage license, head out wherever your heart desires, say what you need to say and voila! you are married. What a beautiful way to do it. A marriage is, after all, between two people who love each other and who are committing to spending the rest of their lives together. A marriage is not about a dress or flowers or music or cake. All of that is a wedding, but a wedding does not make a marriage. Love, similar desires, friendship, commitment, joy, trust. These are a few things that make a marriage. And I know in my heart that these are the things that Sister and her Mister will always have. I offer them my love, my happiness, and all of the beautiful things in life. I love you both very much. Congratulations!


  1. Thank you for writing such a beautiful post for us! And thank you and your hubby for always being such amazing supports to us. We love you very much!!

  2. Beautiful Post Indeed! JOY!