In earlier American rural life, communities raised barns because many hands were required. These events occured in a social framework with a good deal of interdependence. Members of rural communities often shared family bonds going back generations. They traded with each other, worshipped with each other and celebrated with each other. Barn raisings were an integral part of life and socializing.

In our modern American life, communities don't mean nearly as much as they did back then. It is our family's goal to bring a sense of community back to our lives and those lives that touch ours.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Crested Butte

   Hubby and I went on a day trip to Crested Butte. Nana and Papa kept the munchkins with them all day. Thank you! Crested Butte is a beautiful, fun, intriguing place. If I was a much (much) wealthier person, I would live there. There is no way to write this without sounding like a travel brochure, so I am going to do a picture post.
We started our day with a latte at a coffee shop by
day, Italian restaurant by night. This was fortunate since the
woman behind the counter told us her favorite places in town to eat.

We chose one of the places, Secret Stash, a place with killer pizza.
Our pizza was called The Notorious F.I.G. and had mozzarella, blue and asiago
cheeses, prosciutto, figs and truffle oil. I know I will be dreaming of this pizza.
Hubby eating the amazing pizza.

Beauty! Orange poppies right outside the pizza joint.

Just a cool, old, funky place in downtown.

Hubby on an arty bench.

View as we were walking through downtown.

Heading up to Mt. Crested Butte

Today we were doubly lucky. The weather was great and
Hubby managed to take some decent pics of me.

I have no words for this.
We were on our way to Gothic.


Just outside of Gothic.

Just past Gothic.

Another decent shot. Maybe Hubby actually is a good
photographer and I am just not generally a photogenic person.

On our way back into town. These are the trail ride "rental" horses.
They had just been turned out to pasture. A photo op that I couldn't refuse.

Again, too beautiful for words.
On our way over Kebler Pass.
This one highlights the sky and trees.

Same picture, but this one highlights the mountain.

"Hey Mom, look at the sun!"
Sorry, I needed to insert an inside joke for my Mom.
The rest of you can just enjoy the splendor.

The roads were clear, but there was still a lot of snow on Kebler Pass.

Silvery Lupine and Yellow Peas

Yellow Avalanche Lilies


  1. You look so pretty! What a lovely day

  2. Wow! I really want to go to Crested Butte now! These pics are amazing!! And you look gorgeous and glowy. :)

  3. You and CB are both very photogenic. :) Thanks for posting these pictures -- E and I are going to CB by ourselves for a couple days during the Wildflower Festival to celebrate our 15 year anniversary. I am excited. You have brought back nostalgia for the beautiful hiking, the adorable town, and of course Secret Stash pizza. Yum, truffle oil!