In earlier American rural life, communities raised barns because many hands were required. These events occured in a social framework with a good deal of interdependence. Members of rural communities often shared family bonds going back generations. They traded with each other, worshipped with each other and celebrated with each other. Barn raisings were an integral part of life and socializing.

In our modern American life, communities don't mean nearly as much as they did back then. It is our family's goal to bring a sense of community back to our lives and those lives that touch ours.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Itchy Spring Feeling

It's March. It makes me itch. I want to plant things outside and watch them grow and grow. But it's March. Things can't go in the ground until at least May. Not unless I want them to freeze so I can start all over. I like gardening, but not enough that I want to do the same things twice. Besides, I have A LOT of work to do to prepare the garden. Like burning out the weeds so we can build raised beds. Yea, I technically don't even have a garden yet. Just all the beautiful green things that are already growing in my overabundant imagination. So today, I appeased myself with planting a few herbs inside. Cilantro and rosemary so far. I thought I still had basil seeds, but I must have already used them up.
Cilantro in the two end pots, nothing in the center.
The kids have had the opportunity to help feed a calf that has been relegated to the "hospital". He was born a twin and after initially being the chosen one, his Mama decided she was going to instead choose his brother. Not all cows will shun a calf if twins are born. But this is what happened this time. Meme and Papa have been put in charge of the "hospital" which means that out of the four times a day he has to be fed the kids get to participate in two or three of them. What a life for them. A quick word about these twins. They were born at 74lbs and 76lbs. Can you even imagine carrying that around inside you?! Combined, that's an average sized adult!

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  1. You have one of the most overabundant imaginations of anyone I know, so I'm sure the garden there is amazing...
    And I want to feed a calf! Could you try to make sure there is one there for me when we visit in a couple weeks? :)