In earlier American rural life, communities raised barns because many hands were required. These events occured in a social framework with a good deal of interdependence. Members of rural communities often shared family bonds going back generations. They traded with each other, worshipped with each other and celebrated with each other. Barn raisings were an integral part of life and socializing.

In our modern American life, communities don't mean nearly as much as they did back then. It is our family's goal to bring a sense of community back to our lives and those lives that touch ours.

Monday, February 28, 2011


Today is the last day of February. And for that I am truly thankful. February and me haven't been friends for a long time. It is the longest month of the year. In the past 28 days we moved across our glorious state, I was immediately sick (which never happens), Hubby spent our first week here back in Ft. Collins for work, he came back and two days later we went back to Ft. Collins for him to finish work and for the littlest mans' eye surgery. We were home for three days and had to turn around again to head to Ft. Collins for a post-op appointment. Got home, Hubby went to work, all was supposed to be well, Hubbys' days off roll around and he is sick. Then I get sick. Seriously, how does a body get sick twice in the same month?! February did bless us with a beautiful day on it's way out, though. 
It is 1/2 of a mile from our front door to our mailbox. I like walking up there with the kids to check the mail. Exercise, fresh air, and maybe a chat with Meme since she is just a smidge further up the road. Today it took us one hour and 40 minutes to check our mail. It was that beautiful outside. I will let the pictures do the talking.

S enjoying the warm sunshine.
 He said he wanted to stay there all day and take a nap.


T checking out what brother is doing.

My daughter and light of my life.

T and M "glidering" down the lane.

Beauty. Our view from the lane. Cows, Fruit Growers Reservoir, and the Rockies.

Northern Flicker. One of these lives in our barn.

Some burro and horse love.
 As a final thought today, I have to say that the birthdays this month make up for all the rest. There are many but I am just going to name two. Hubbys' Grandpa turned 90 this month. What an accomplishment.

The next one I am not posting a picture of, but I want to say a very Happy Birthday to K. Two years ago today when he was born he was lovingly adopted by some dear friends. I have loved watching their family grow in so many ways. In lieu of a picture of him, I will post one of an adoption that occured right here on the ranch.

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